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Why Choose Us?

We don't want you to choose us for your CRM needs just because we tell you to. We genuinely want to prove to you that you are better off with us than with someone else for your CRM. So, here are 5 reasons why this should be a no-brainer for you.


We guarantee that our pricing will save you money.

If you conduct some research, you will notice that our pricing aligns with our base CRM platform, which is $97 per month. However, with our offering, you receive the following benefits for FREE:

  • Awesome support from a small, dedicated team.
  • Response times under 30 minutes for all support tickets in most cases.
  • Free account manager available for phone discussions about any modifications you need. (Yes, we don't charge for these calls; it's a 100% free service)
  • Moreover, you have the option to include Uphex or Plai Subscription for an additional $12 per month to launch your ad campaigns within minutes. Normally $97 per month each.


Our CRM is built on the back of one of the world's leading CRM providers.

If you explore our website demos, you may notice that the product is built on top of a well-known CRM platform from the United States, which has been in development for six years. If you would like to learn more about the base product, please send us a message, and we will provide you with additional details. Additionally, we can also reach out to them on your behalf for any complex support queries.


We are a 100% Australian company, and customers love our support.

When it comes to a CRM system, support is absolutely key. Leads Reacher is operated by the same team as Scraping Solutions.

Our parent company, scrapingsolutions.com.au has been in the industry for more than 14 years, assisting businesses in automating their processes and data collection operations to save time. We have countless reviews where customers rave about our support. You receive that same level of support from Leads Reacher.

Don't believe us? Go ahead and send us a support ticket or a message through our webchat, and see how quickly someone responds to you.


Uphex and Plai subscriptions are included for an extra $12 per month.

Uphex.com and Plai.io are currently among the best tools available to launch Facebook/Google/TikTok ads in under 5 minutes. Typically, you would need to pay $97 per month for these subscriptions. However, with our Premium + Ads plan, you can avail of this for an additional $12 per month.


Get complex CRM customizations done.

Our team can assist you with any custom requirements you may have, including importing data, exporting data, creating custom workflows, or any other tasks within your CRM that you lack the time or expertise to handle.

In most cases, we can build these modifications within 5 business days. Simply send us an inquiry through a support ticket or use our website chat.

Meet Our Team

We are a 100% Australian company and based in Melbourne.

David Hamilton

Craig Beaumont
Customer Success Manager

Izzy Hewage
Managing Director
CRM Specialist

Christina Platz

Hannah Tyson
Customer Success Manager

Jordan Marcia
.NET Guru & Consultant

Kristy Stewart
Customer Success Manager

Gayana Hiroshani
Senior Delivery Manager

Chris Jakubiak
Senior Success Manager

Darren Steddy
Customer Success Manager

Jeremy Miller
Customer Success Manager

Mike Attwood
Assistant Project Manager